Knowledgebase: Maverick
Getting started
Posted by Oleg Smirnov on 18 December 2013 12:08 PM
Maverick screens

Map Screen


Waypoint panel



Tap to open the main menu.

  • Maps: select and manage maps
  • Waypoints: browse and add waypoints by coordinates
  • Places: search for nearby places online
  • Tracks: open, record and delete tracks
  • Pages: switch 
  • Tools 

Long press to zoom in to a street level.

Zoom level x multiplier. Tap to switch modes. 

Long press to zoom out to a country level.
Go back to your current location after scrolling the map.
Current precise location (usually GPS). 

Big blue triangle shows where device top is directed (compass).

Small triangle shows direction of movement (bearing).

Location determined by Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Panel at the top of the screen shows target waypoint (if any) and two user-defined parameters (speed, altitude, etc.).

Tap on this panel to stop navigation or select GPS fields to display.

Opens a search panel, you can search for:

  • Street addresses
  • Venues
  • Cities and countries

Also contain shortcuts to waypoint, tracks and places.

Actions for coordinates in the map center:

  • Add waypoint
  • Share location
  • Search nearby
  • Go to
  • Open in...
  • Google Street View
  • I'm here

Shows number of satellites:

  • Yellow - GPS
  • Blue - GLONASS

Starts or stops a track recording.



Timer Screen

Track Name

 Tap here to rename track.


Switch the current track to trackback mode. You can use trackback function and record a new track at the same time.

Upload & Share

  • Send a track file using (Gmail, Dropbox or other installed apps).

  • Upload track to (free registration required). 

    • With GPSies you can view your tracks on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and OSM maps with altitude profile, convert track to other formats and many more.

Delete track

Clear map and delete track from SD card.


Close the current track and start a new one.


Start/stop a timer and track recording. 


Trip Computer Screen

Tap on any indicator to select a data field:

  • Coordinates
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Bearing
  • Accuracy
  • Orientation
  • Pitch
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • and more...

Tap in the center to switch to the speedometer view.