TeraCopy command line
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Supported by TeraCopy 2.0 and above. It can be used in Command Prompt, Batch files, or Windows Task Scheduler.

TeraCopy.exe Operation [*]Source Target [/SkipAll] [/OverwriteOlder] [/RenameAll] [/OverwriteAll] [/NoClose] [/Close]

  • Operation: Copy | Move | Delete | Test | Check | AddList

  • Source: File or folder

  • *Source: Path to file list

  • Target: Destination folder


  • TeraCopy.exe Copy "D:\My Documents" F:\Backup

  • TeraCopy.exe Copy D:\Video.avi C:\My Documents

  • TeraCopy.exe Copy D:\Data F:\Backup /OverwriteOlder /Close

  • TeraCopy.exe Move *"C:\Temp\filelist.txt" "C:\My Documents" /OverwriteAll /NoClose

  • TeraCopy.exe AddList *"C:\Temp\filelist.txt"

  • TeraCopy.exe Test D:\Video.avi

  • TeraCopy.exe Check D:\checksum.md5

About File Lists:

  • The * must be used to denote a file list, otherwise, TeraCopy will simply treat it as a regular file.

  • Paths within a file list may contain spaces and do not require quotes.

  • File lists are formatted with one file path per line.

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