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Favorites and Recent menus
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Thanks to Direct Folders, you will see a consistent set of 2 buttons in standard Open and Save dialogs, browse dialogs, Explorer, WinZip, WinRAR and WinMagic. Clicking on each of the buttons will pop up a menu that allows you to navigate or operate the folders and files that are displayed in the dialog.

The Favorites Menu

The Favorites Menu provides you with a place to keep your favourite folders for quick and easy access.

Add "My Documents": This menu item adds the current folder to the bottom of the list of favourite folders. The same menu item will remove the current folder from Favorites when it's already in the list.

Add new submenu: This menu item adds an empty submenu to the Favorites list.

Configure: This command displays the Direct Folders configuration dialog.

Favourite Folders: The rest of the Favorites menu is composed of folders. Selecting a favourite from the menu switches the file dialog to that folder.

The Recent Menu

The Recent menu displays a list of folders that you've recently used. This includes folders that you have visited in an Open, Save or Browse dialog. Selecting a folder from the menu takes you back to it.

Alphabetical sort: You can control the ordering of the recent folders by checking this option. The menu can display the folders alphabetically or chronologically, with the most recently used folder at the top.

Clear history: This command removes all recent folders from this list.

The Go To Menu

Application folder: This command switches the Open or Save dialog to the folder that contains the current application. This can be very useful for opening templates or examples that came with the application.

Default folder: Selecting this menu item will switch the file dialog to the default folder for this application.

Explorer folder: This command switches the file dialog to the folder currently open in Explorer.

Folder in Clipboard: If Windows Clipboard contains a file or path, selecting this menu item will switch the file dialog to that folder.

The Default Folder Menu

Program default: The application will use the "My Documents" folder by default for opening or saving files.

Last used folder: Direct Folders will automatically switch file dialog to the current application's last used folder.

Default folder: This menu item shows the new default folder for the current application.

Set default folder: This command sets the current folder as the default folder for this application.

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